StJ Sparkling Selection


St Josef’s Sparkling Selection – Four bottles of our sparkling wines!

Named for the matriarch & boss of the winery!  Always fun, never bitter…. All grown & made on the property

1 bottle-Sparkling Lilli White – light, fun bubbly made with Riesling.  Off dry finish, perfect for sipping and savoring.
1 bottle-Sparkling Lilli Chardonnay – We’re in Oregon so it’s sparkling wine, not champagne. Crisp, dry, elegant. 
1 bottle-Sparkling Lilli ROSE’ – 100% Pinot Noir base that is bright, creamy & soft with light fruit overtones and balance. 
1 bottle-Sparkling Lilli RED – Award winning unique Syrah blend that is fruity, dry-ish, and a conversation starter! 

$99 delivered to your door