Fall 2021 Mix A Lot


Fall 2021 Mix A Lot Club: Six bottles of our latest releases!

1-Sparkling Lilli White – Named for the matriarch & boss – fun bubbly made with Riesling.
1-Pinot Gris – Light, bright & soft with light citrus overtones and superb balance. 
1-L’Esprit- Gewurztraminer – Aromatic, Grapefruit & spice and delicious! Off Dry- but not sweet
1-Single Barrel 2016 Reserve Pinot Noir –  Wine Club Exclusive -Hand selected during our barrel tastings as our favorite Reserve PINOT NOIR
1- Kitara Red Blend – Syrah Blend with Dark fruit, ripe berries, earthy notes, clean, smooth.
1-KB Merlot – Rich Plum, black cherry, mocha, light tannins & long finish.

$149 delivered to your door