St. Josef’s White Wines

St. Josef’s white wines are priced between $10-$20 per bottle

sjLillis Sparkling Lilli

Oregon Sparkling Chardonnay & Riesling

Grown here and made here. Light, bubbly, fun and beautiful.

grown here and made here. Done in the tradition of Prosecco and German Sekt these wines are light on the tongue with fresh flavors and sparkle. Environmentally packaged with a crown cap to keep wasteful paper & foil to a minimum.

Sparkling Chardonnay!

Made in the traditional charmat method; the same as Prosecco and German Sekt. The wine was fermented and aged in steel tanks and then naturally carbonated. It is light, crisp and dry. With light fruit and delightful bubbles that dance around your tongue.

Sparkling Riesling!

Made in the traditional charmat method; the same as Prosecco and German Sekt. The wine was fermented and aged in steel tanks and then naturally carbonated. With fresh floral notes, light fruit and semi-sweet sparkling finish.

Sparkling Red!

Made from our Estate Grown Syrah – it is bright, fun & bubbly! This sparkling wine has a deep, rich red color with black cherry & strawberry. And with enough bubbles to keep you coming back for more! It is great as a pre-dinner sparkler or in the evening with foods from pizza to BBQ. Named for the matriarch & boss of the family…

Why the unique crown cap instead of the traditional style cork?

Nearly all champagne and sparkling wines from $5 to $500 are bottled and stored with crown caps. These specially designed caps are reinforced to provide a super-tight closure that protects the sparkle and keeps the wine fresh and light. Then right before the final days the crown caps are removed and replaced with extra packaging including a cork, foil, paper labels and metal wire. Our goal is to be environmentally sensitive and keep the extra packaging to a minimum. We’ve even printed the bottles so they can be reused- either for more sparkling wine or as a beautiful water bottle.


Rosé from Pinot Noir

Wonderfully complex, a great wine for those who like them dry.

Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes in the French method- the juice was run off at the crush, and kept out of contact with the skins producing a bright pink color. The juice was then treated as a white wine- fermented & aged in steel to keep the essence of the flavors. But don’t let the fun pink color fool you…ours is bone dry and maintains a grassy, light flavor with surprisingly complex fruit finish. Many people who enjoy hearty red wines would enjoy this varietal. It is excellent both on its own and with light food dishes.

Pinot Gris – Oregon’s Answer to Chardonnay.

stjosefs_07pinotgrisPinot Gris (also called Pinot Grigio) has become the standard bearer of Oregon white wines. It is light, easy to drink and satisfying both on its own and with food. St Josef’s Pinot Gris is a beautiful blend of light fruit, with a subtle round finish a traditional Alsatian Style wine that offers a crisp, clean taste with a wonderful acid balance. Enjoy & you will taste why many white wine lovers are moving to Pinot Gris. The Willamette Valley has a climate suited for producing wonderful Pinot Gris– with long warm days in the summer combined with cool nights into the fall. St Josef’s Pinot Gris is made from a single block of our “Lilli’s,” vineyard. To keep the essence of a classic, natural wine it was fermented and aged ‘oak free’ with a minimum of winemaker contact.

037-Estate-White-Riesling-2008-150x300White Riesling – Don’t be surprised, one of the most popular white wines in Oregon.

White Riesling (also known as Johannesburg Riesling) is Germany’s most famous grape and it has a special tradition with us. Since Josef, the owner/winemaker, and family have many connections to the Rhine & Mosel valleys. St Josef’s Riesling is made in a semi-sweet style, and has a wonderful floral bouquet that stands up for itself. Excellent for sipping- it has long been ignored by people who think it is not a ‘serious’ wine.

Enjoy with light dishes or by itself and discover why it is Oregon’s #1 selling varietal.

039-Estate-Chardonnay-2007-210x300Chardonnay – “All Steel”- Light & Grassy, but don’t be fooled

Many people associate chardonnays exclusively with the big, oaky, buttery California style. Not here in Oregon. In the Willamette Valley, due to the cooler weather and ‘abundant water’ the Chardonnays are lighter, grassier and have a nice acid balance.

The fruit aromas tend to be lighter and towards grapefruit & honey texture.

This makes them an excellent accompiant to foods, particularly fish and fowl. Fermented & aged in steel to maintain the fresh flavors of the grape, not the wood barrels.

L’Esprit (Gewurztraminer) – The best grape varietal that you can’t pronounce.

36-187x300Gewurztraminer is a German varietal that is renowned for its intense fruitfulness and spicy complexity. The grape is so tasty when ripening that our children are known to search out the rows when no one is looking to enjoy. St Josef’s L’Esprit (meaning Spirited- the name is used since it is much easier to pronounce) is made semi-sweet and slightly spritzy. Unlike many white wines it is full flavored and can be enjoyed both by itself and with a host of foods.

It has become particularly popular with Asian foods since not many wines can stand up to the overwhelming flavors.

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