St. Josef’s Reserve Wines

The winemaker’s pride and joy!

St Josef’s ‘Starling Hill’ Pinot Noir


These gorgeous Estate Pinot Noirs come from a small section of our special southwest sloping, Jory soiled hillside vineyard that has produced some really wonderful wines. We have tracked rows 2-11 over time to discover that this block has a unique terrior in our 40+ acres. The name comes from a family joke that Starling Hill is a very small production- since it’s what we’re left with when the #@&! birds are done with their harvest. Each Starling Hill vintage is a very small quantity- usually just a couple of barrels. We bring in ‘experts and friends’ to taste through our favorite barrels and then select just the best. It is then bottle aged for several years prior to release so that the complex flavors can mellow, mature and resonate.



Everyone keeps asking: What does the KB stand for? Well we should say ‘Kirk’s Best’ for the man who runs the vineyard and selected only the best fruit for this limited bottling.

But it’s really ‘Kick Butt’ since they are BIG, BOLD, wonderful wines that stands up to any hearty meal or large wine glass. These wines were crafted by selecting only the finest tasting barrels in a great year. (It’s a tough job to taste each barrel, but we’re up for it). Then it’s double-oaked to achieve an even bigger feel.

Kitara “Barrel Select” 2011 Pinot Noir

A special blend of the family’s favorite barrels from the cellar. Rich ruby fruit and lingering complexity. Cherry notes up front with leather and blackberry on the finish. A fine Pinot Noir, one you can enjoy now and a few years later.


KB Cabernet

Made for serious cabernet lovers, this is a special wine.

Very big, bold with pronounced plum & black cherry. Due to the intense flavors and amazing body it will last 10-20 years as it ages and mellows. This vintage can be enjoyed today decanted or cellared & enjoyed in a few years.

KB Merlot – Simply Wonderful.

A medal winner in every contest it has entered including multiple international tastings. Rich, smooth & supple – everything you expect in Merlot & more.

Kitara Syrah

Syrah from Oregon? You betcha!

Our vineyard is on the same latitude as some of the great wine areas of France and we are making an excellent cool climate Syrah. (Did you know that St Josephs is an appellation in France that grows a cool-climate Syrah).

We produce a cool-climate Syrah, that carries the characteristics of ruby red fruit & lighter tannins, instead of plum and deep purple. Made in the classic rustic Rhone style this is a leaner, strong wine with garnet color, red raspberry & black cherry, pepper & light oak. It is the kind of old world (French) style Syrah we enjoy – that goes with food instead of overpowering it. This Syrah comes from a single block of our Willamette Valley vineyard – the oldest Syrah vineyard in the valley.

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