St Josef’s Wine Club

st-josefs-dusk We are now in our 3rd generation of a family business and proud of it! We make the wines the way we like them – in the European Style. Wines that are full of character, food friendly, with a good acid balance. The reds are earthy with subtle fruit while the whites are crisp and clean. Being old school and traditional we Estate Grow 90% of the fruit for our wines in our 30 year old vineyards. We still hand select and harvest at low yields, and finish our product with real cork closures.

You can now enjoy the pleasures of St Josef’s Wines without leaving your home!

Take advantage of the “Friends of St JOSEF’S” Wine Club

Join the Club!

  • No Fee-it’s free to join!
  • Great Discounts
  • Great Value
  • Good Times & Fun Stuff

What does joining the club do for you?

  • Learn the Secret Hungarian Handshake from Josef (priceless)
  • Discounts in the tasting room (10-20%, depending how we’re feeling that day)
  • Free tasting for you & 3 guests ($20 value)
  • Admission for two (that’s 2) to the Summer Concerts on the Pond ($50 value)
  • Invitations for Special Wine Club Events including…

Spring Barrel Tasting         May Release Party          Summer Pig Roast           Winter Release Party

  • Notes from the winemaker, family, and more
    and other Special Releases & Hot Deals– available only to club members

How does the club work? Each club shipment is unique and hand selected by the St Josef’s family on what is drinking well at the time. Shipments occur in May, Late August or early September and November. Pricing for each cycle varies and is dependant on what is being selected at the time. Each shipment is an attractive, good value and the ranges are listed in the club descriptions.

Reception (81)White Wunders

Designed to showcase the fabulous white wines of StJ. Many people don’t realize it is actually harder to make whites than reds- due to the critical sugar & acid balance. Ours are aromatic & crisp, and go great on their own or with food.

Shipped 3 times a year – 6 bottles at a time. Let us know if you prefer a mix or just sweet or just dry.
Cost per shipment: $80 or there-abouts

Mix-a-Lot Club

The name is just as it sounds. A fine, fun wine medley as selected by the family. A mixed shipment of reds, whites & reserves delivered to your door..

The shipment is sent 6 bottles at a time 3x a year.
Cost per shipment- not to exceed $100

Reserve Club

Only the limited issues are sent with this club. Fantastic, hand picked wines that will be great on any special occasion (or any Tuesday). This includes our ‘Starling Hill’ selections and Josef’s new “Two Barrel” Pinot. Since most of these wines are made in quantities of only 100 or so cases supplies are limited.

Sent in 3 bottle shipments 3x year
Cost per shipment- not to exceed $100

Drinking Red or You’re Dead

GretchenBrian (371)When you are a red wine drinker- well that’s what you are!! We’ll ship you what’s drinking really well at the time. From the reserves in the cellar to the new releases you’ll get nice wines at a good price. And you will enjoy every sip of them (unless you’re inviting others to join you)

Shipped 3 bottles at time, 3-x year.
Shipments not to exceed $100

Use this link for our secure sign up! Join Our Wine Club

Prosit! (cheers!)

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